Ford buried a teaser for what appears to be the Mustang hybrid inside a promotional video that the automaker released on Friday. The automaker wants you to know it intends to build the future, not just talk about it. And suddenly the Mustang's future looks more intriguing.

At the 0:37 mark of the video, the Mustang comes into full view, with a brightly lit version of the iconic badge in the middle of the grille. The shadowy teaser is reminiscent of the current sixth-generation Mustang's design, but the creases appear smoother, and there's a less jagged look to this car in general. Of note, the grille opening is filled with a plastic piece like you see on many electric cars.

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Just before the front end is shown there's a shot of the engine bay, which very clearly has four pistons on each side of the engine—a V-8 engine. The entire engine bay is lit up like Tron in neon blue, Ford's signature color in its promotions for electrification recently.

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There's also reason to believe the new Mustang hybrid will sport the Mach 1 name, as it was supposed to be resurrected for the upcoming performance-oriented Mustang-inspired all-electric SUV. That idea was killed after the public reacted poorly to the idea. In the video an original Mach 1 is seen at the 0:34 mark, just before a current Mustang at the 0:35 mark, before the engine bay and front end is shown. This might be the clue that Ford now intends to use the Mach 1 name for the Mustang hybrid.

Motor Authority reached out to Ford for a comment on the unannounced Mustang. A spokesperson simply said, "It’s a glimpse of the future. We are excited to show you more at the right time."

Mystery Ford Mustang teaser

Mystery Ford Mustang teaser

This could be a preview the seventh-generation Mustang, which is due in 2021. More likely, though, it's the hybrid that was previously announced and will reportedly be based on the current sixth-generation car and arrive in 2020.

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The next-generation Mustang will reportedly roll on Ford's new modular platform shared with the next Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator. Thus, rumors have swirled about the possibility of an all-wheel-drive Mustang, which the new platform will support. Currently, the pony car rides on a dedicated architecture, making it the only modern muscle car to do so. The Chevy Camaro and Dodge Challenger both use modular platforms shared with other vehicles.