Porsche only on Thursday unveiled the new 2021 Taycan Cross Turismo soft-roader wagon, but don't be surprised if even more body styles are already in the pipeline.

In an interview with Autocar published Thursday, Stefan Weckbach, vice president for the Taycan product line, said a coupe and convertible were just some of the additional body styles being considered for the Taycan. He also mentioned a regular wagon similar to Porsche's Panamera Sport Turismo.

“The platform is perfect for future additional product ideas, and we are thinking in different directions,” he said.

Previous rumors have also pointed to a Targa body style being developed. A coupe or convertible would likely require a shorter wheelbase, and thus a smaller battery, so the Targa may make the most sense.

According to Weckbach, no green light for an additional body style will be given until market demand can be properly assessed.

In his interview with Autocar, Weckbach also said Porsche is yet to decide on whether to launch a Taycan 4 sedan. The Taycan sedan lineup starts with the rear-wheel-drive base model and then jumps straight to the all-wheel-drive Taycan 4S. An all-wheel-drive Taycan 4 Cross Turismo features in the wagon lineup, however.