You don't always need high-dollar, high-horsepower cars to have fun out on the road or track. Motorcycles have traditionally been the weapon of choice for performance fans on a budget but more recently the new segment of reverse trikes has been gaining popularity.

Familiar names like Morgan, Can-Am, Polaris and Slingshot all offer interesting options, and recently a company by the name of Vanderhall joined the fray with its Venice and Edison² models, the latter featuring an electric powertrain.

Not stopping there, Vanderhall has a raft of new models in the works. One of these is the Venice Speedster, a new single-seat version of the Venice that Vanderhall is offering for $26,950, or $3,000 less than the two-seat model.

For the Speedster, Vanderhall has designed a streamlined cover for the section where the standard Venice's passenger seat is located. The company has also installed a low-profile windshield to ensure the vehicle lives up to its Speedster name.

2019 Vanderhall Venice Speedster

2019 Vanderhall Venice Speedster

Otherwise the Speedster is much the same as the standard Venice. There's still a 1.4-liter turbocharged inline-4 powering the front wheels. An output has been mentioned but the final numbers like match the 180 horsepower and 185 pound-feet of torque found in the standard Venice. The sole transmission is a six-speed automatic and Vanderhall also fits the vehicle with 18-inch wheels as standard.

A nice touch is the retro design of the cabin, which comes complete with a wooden steering wheel. There's still plenty of modern amenities as Vanderhall also fits the vehicle with climate control, heated seats, and an audio system.

The Venice Speedster is currently available for pre-order, a process that requires a $250 deposit. Further out Vanderhall will dial up the potency of its Venice and Venice Speedster. New R versions are in the works and said to be coming in 2020.