Good news for car fans but bad news for productivity: We finally have video evidence of Mark Higgins running like hell up a Romanian mountain last week.

This 8-minute clip is a practice run up the hairpin section of the Transfagasaran highway in Romania on July 10 as seen from the nose of the race-ready Subaru STI Type RA Special.

This "C'etait un Rendezvous"-style run is meant to whet our appetites for the real thing coming soon, a full-blown sprint for 40 minutes that set a record over the 52.4-mile road. (The shorter practice run seen here also reportedly set a record of its own.)

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Higgins average speed of more than 76 mph through the course is doubly impressive when you see how variable the weather was at stages along the mountain, and how narrow the roadway in Romania was for his record-setting achievement.

This is the only full practice drive up the narrow course Higgins made that day—one day before the full record run. Torrential rain aborted every other attempt, and mechanical failures nearly scrubbed the entire run.

These 8 minutes are just an appetizer: a flavorful mix of high speeds, tight corners, winding road, and screaming turbos.

We suggest you set the table with a high-def, full-screen setup and speakers juiced to full volume. A tall drink in a short glass wouldn't hurt either—it's pretty much the weekend now.