The process of building cars is becoming more complicated and yet easier at the same time. More complex processes and materials are being introduced, but we also have robots to lend a helping hand throughout the manufacturing process. Audi has figured out a way to use these robots to improve its paint spraying process. In fact, the German automaker has developed a way for its robots to paint two colors during one spray process, which saves time and money.

In the past, if an automaker wanted multiple colors on one vehicle, it required a time-consuming and expensive spray process. In fact, it takes multiple processes to turn out a vehicle with more than one color. The main color is laid down first, and once it is dry, it is masked off and the secondary color is applied. Overspray has to be managed because nobody wants a car with one color leaking into the other color.

Now Audi has developed a system that allows for two colors during one spraying process and it's free of any overspray. At the moment, this method is being used solely for cars with a primary body color and a black roof. A robot-controlled, highly focused instrument locates the seam between the roof and the body's side panel. Black paint is then sprayed directly to the roof in individual strips, and Audi reports it's accurate down to the millimeter. This paint is delivered in a manner with no spray mist and it leaves a sharp, clear border. The method requires no employees to manually mask off the body, thus saving time, materials, and money.

The end product is one devoid of overspray and it's done in a far quicker manner. 

At the moment, this paint process is in the development phase. Still, Audi says it's nearly ready to roll out and should be put into production next year. From there, it will allow Audi the chance to offer greater levels of car customization to its customers. Hopefully, it also allows for greater color choices, more diverse paint schemes, and more interesting and unique vehicles out on the road.