It's likely that this is the greatest performing, non-exclusive Lamborghini vehicle of all time. Sure, the Aventador has a larger, more powerful engine but that big bull is nowhere near as agile as its smaller sibling. The Lamborghini Huracán is a wicked little thing, and in Performante trim it's a nearly unbeatable supercar.

Lamborghini already showed off what the car can do to Germany's Nürburgring, and now it's showing what's possible...on the streets and canyon roads near Jay Leno's Garage.

As we learn in the video, Lamborghini took a smart approach in its development of the Huracán Performante. The goal is pure performance, which means a greater focus on reducing weight and increasing aerodynamics. There are more flaps and channels on this Huracán to direct air to the spots that help push the car more aggressively onto the ground. On the flip side, there's also a reduced drag mode to help get the top speed up for sections of road that require it.

All of the engineering and design work resulted in a colossal run at the 'Ring. When the clock was stopped, the timer flashed 6:52.01. Below the seven-minute mark is typically the domain of race cars and hypercars. Now it's a place where the top supercars are beginning to play.

Jay is clearly impressed by the go-fast (and go-slow) bits found on this bright green machine. Lamborghini's own Alessandro Farmeschi is on hand to walk Leno through every inch of the Huracán Performante before the pair head out on the road. The car is comfortable on the highway but really shines when it gets down into the canyons.

The funny man's final thoughts on the car? "It's very, very impressive..." We're inclined to agree, Jay.