Infiniti has released a teaser sketch for what the automaker is calling its “most advanced” vehicle ever. Unfortunately that’s all the information we have right now.

The vehicle, which judging from the teaser will be an SUV, makes its debut in Los Angeles in the same week the city’s annual auto show opens its doors.

That means the mystery SUV isn’t the redesigned QX80 which has also been teased. We’ll see the new QX80 at next week’s 2017 Dubai Motor Show.

One possibility for the identity of the vehicle is the redesigned QX50 which is due on sale in 2018, as a 2019 model. We’ve already been treated to a preview of the new QX50 and know that the vehicle will be introducing some firsts for the upmarket Japanese brand.

One of these will be Infiniti's variable compression technology for engines, dubbed VC-Turbo. The engine technology constantly changes the cylinder compression ratio for better performance or better fuel economy, depending on circumstance.

Another will be some self-driving features grouped under Nissan and Infiniti’s ProPilot heading. In the new QX50, ProPilot is expected to enable the vehicle to crawl in traffic, cruise on the highway and keep track of surrounding vehicles all on its own.

We’ll know soon enough what Infiniti is planning as the vehicle of the mystery SUV is now just three weeks out.