Tesla is a busy company these days, as is chief executive officer Elon Musk.

While the company and Musk juggle Model 3 production bottlenecks, an electric semi reveal, and more, it also landed in Puerto Rico recently to help restore power to the United States territory. Much of the island remains without power following Hurricane Maria's destructive winds and rainfall.

Tesla began installing solar panels and batteries at a San Juan children's hospital to restore power in critical areas. The solar panels will provide power during clear days, while the batteries will provide power via stored energy during overcast times.

Tesla said on Twitter on October 24 that the hospital was the "first of many" such projects going live. And Musk himself has funneled some of Tesla's resources to the island, the BBC reported, as well as donating $250,000 of his own money to support ongoing cleanup and reconstruction efforts.

Musk also vied for Puerto Rico's business to rebuild its power grid. However, the country awarded the contract to a small Montana-based company by the name of Whitefish. Puerto Rico has since canceled the contract over various criticisms surrounding the company and the business deal itself.

Tesla, best known for its electric cars, does have plenty of experience in energy generation and storage. Tesla revealed a line of energy-storage systems for both homes and businesses in 2015. And this year, pre-orders opened for Tesla's solar roof tiles. Tesla is also working with the Australian government to install energy storage solutions in the country. The plans include the construction of the world's biggest battery.