Sometimes it's tough to keep classic cars completely original, especially as parts become scarce. Porsche, specifically, Porsche Classic, wants to help its loyal owners keep things all-original with new drum brakes for the 356A and 356B models, which were Porsche's first-ever production cars. However, the re-engineered originals come at a price. 

A set of four drum brakes will cost owners $8,700 for the 356A, and $8,500 for the 356B. We suppose the price isn't much of an issue when both models regularly command six-figure prices. Air-cooled Porsche cars continue to rise in value, too. Keeping a 356 in factory condition, even if it requires almost $10,000 worth of brake components, might be worth it in the long run.

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Porsche says the complex manufacturing process creates the fun-to-drive characteristics of yore with the benefits of modern-day braking safety. The brand also tested the brakes on the 356 models itself to ensure factory performance with increased safety. The equipment used to make these brakes is much improved from the original manufacturing methods, meaning the tolerances to which they are produced are far more exact.

The 356 helped Porsche make a name for itself in motorsport long before the 911 succeeded it in 1963. Today, the 356 is an icon among Porsche aficionados. After watching Porsche Classic's video explaining the development and engineering of these brakes, perhaps $8,500 doesn't seem so expensive. Nah, it still does.