You'll often find builders of hot rods and muscle cars talking about upping the displacement on a given engine.

Taking a Ford 390 and turning into a 428, for example. Are there times when destroking an engine is more appealing to increasing displacement? Yes, and we have the perfect example for you in the form of this BMW hill climb beastie.

It's an E30 that finds the S54 engine from an E46 M3 sitting under its hood. Only this unit has been destroked to 3.0 liters instead of the normal 3.2, and it can rev like a superbike. Okay, not quite as fast or as high as a superbike, but it's quite impressive.

The video description says the engine is making 440 horsepower and capable of running up to 9,600 rpm. That's why it's screaming its way up this hill in a Lebanese championship event. This build is the perfect example of a twitchy, manic, high-revving hill climb monster. It's being driven in a way befitting the nature of the car, and it's doing a damn fine job of getting from hill bottom to hill top as quickly as possible.

This particular hill climb event is almost world rally special stage in nature. Make sure you watch through to at least the 1:30 mark because the Bimmer catches serious air over a crest. And if you thirst for more, here's an equally manic clip of a Mitsubishi Evo in a hill climb.