When Audi decided to take its diminutive A1, it probably figured that an S variant would soon follow. The automaker probably never considered, however, that someone would buy an S1 and stuff a set of tracks in the wheel wells.

Someone did, and all we can say is that we want to give it a go ourselves.

The EA888-powered hot hatch is rated to produce 227 horsepower here. Quattro all-wheel drive is, as you'd expect, also at play. This S1 must have engaged Quattro plus though. The tracks allow it to rip down the beach as if the sandy ground were nothing more than your average Whole Foods parking lot.

A blustery beachside day is no match for this blue bomber. Next we'd like to see video of the track-equipped Audi S1 attacking powder-filled hills with a snowboard rack on its roof. After that, we're going to need to see the tracks as an available option in the ordering guide for the RS 3 (since we can't get the S1 here in the States).

Adding a set of tracks to your ride isn't cheap. We've seen estimates as low as $5,000 for a set but the more common number seems to be closer to $20,000. That's a lot of coin to make your ride more tank-like. Still, the S1 shown here in the video certainly seems like it would be a ton of fun in the right environment.