Before you hit play, we should warn you that you may end up wasting a lot of time here. Yes, here you'll find a new Internet obsession for which you can all waste minutes or even hours.

It involves skilled Lego builders crafting detailed engines. Then hooking those engines up to a power source so they can be driven...until they explode.

We have inline-4 and V-6 engines all being pushed to their breaking points. The engines are built and then attached to an electric motor. From there, power is applied and the revs rise until destruction occurs. This usually happens at some insane rev range, and it all results in wonderfully scaled-down catastrophic failure.

Some of these builders employ fascinating methods to keep the destruction at bay. There's the use of grape seed oil as lubrication or zip-ties to hold the pistons in the block. Varying gear reductions help spin some of these engines up to screaming heights, which always leads to the same result.

After seeing the initial usage of grape seed oil, we need a Lego builder to find a way to add a Lego oiling and cooling system. Then we can see what one of these mighty mini motors can really do.

If you suddenly realize you haven't done any work all day, don't say we didn't warn you.