Musicians love to spout off all sorts of brand names in their songs. It's most common in the pop, rap, and hip-hop worlds, but all sorts of musicians will mention some brand at some point. Which brand gets name dropped the most? Rolls-Royce.

Bloomberg discovered this when it analyzed the last three years worth of top 20 songs. According to the hits that made the Billboard Hot 100, its Rolls-Royce cars that get aural love most often. Ferrari isn't far behind, and a number of other automakers round out the list.

Some non-automotive brands make the cut, of course, and they're related to clothing, watches, and alcohol. Hennessy is the third most-mentioned brand on the list, while Nike's Jordan brand shoes and Rolex watches also get heavy mention.

Rolls-Royce is mentioned in 11 different hit songs spread out over the last three years. Ferrari was given nine mentions; Porsche seven; Lamborghini and Chevrolet six; and Bentley, Cadillac, and Mercedes-Benz round out the list of automaker shoutouts with five apiece. Also getting five? Xanax.

It's no surprise that Rolls-Royce would prove so popular in hit songs. It produces of some of the most spectacular and spectacularly expensive cars ever made. We're dealing with cars that start at $300,000 and up. Way up, in fact. So if you want to portray a lifestyle filled with excessive wealth, then Rolls-Royce is the way to go.


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