Well, color us jealous. Niagara Falls, Canada, is about to receive one heck of an attraction. A massive, multi-story go-kart track is nearly finished and it will be the first of its kind in the entire country, according to CBC.

Atop the Clifton Hill tourist area, the go-kart track will feature a 39-foot spiral of turns before racers are spilled out onto a more open area with straights and additional corners. Quite frankly, the course looks more like a roller coaster than a go-kart track. But why not both?

Clifton Hill is home to numerous restaurants, parks, and museums that provide plenty of ways for tourists to spend their time and money. Other types of entertainment park-style rides are also found in the area, so the go-kart track is a natural addition. Of course, the waterfalls are the main attraction.

For car guys or motorsports enthusiasts--or just anyone who likes joy--this attraction is another reason to put Niagara Falls on the vacation list. And for those who like the idea of go-karting at sea, there's a cruise ship that features a go-kart track on the top deck that should pique your interest as well.


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