It would take thousands of words to describe what has changed in the automotive industry over the past 97 years, but this video may do some of the work for us.

YouTuber Zev Gitalis recently introduced his 97-year-old grandfather to his Tesla Model S and it proved to be a semi comical and eye-opening experience for the elderly gentleman.

As you can see in the video, it takes a little bit of explaining to help him understand the car is powered solely by a battery. In fact, he is shocked to learn it can go hundreds of kilometers—the video was shot in Canada—before needing to be charged. From there, the duo hops in for a ride.

During the test drive, the 97-year-old gets a crash course on electronics via Tesla's massive center touchscreen, which controls nearly every function of the car. No dials here, which blows away Gitalis' grandfather.

Speaking of being blown away, the old gent quite likes the car's power. After trying to explain that the Model S achieves "instant power"—what he really means is instant torque—Gitalis simply mashes the throttle and his grandfather experiences it for himself. Grandpa thinks a parachute should be required for Model S operation due to its surreal acceleration.

After the ride, Gitalis' grandfather is quite literally speechless, unsure how to describe the Model S in his own words. It feels like the future to him.

If this is what 100 years of innovation and technology have produced, the next 100 years is sure to be as incredible.


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