The town of Boring is located in the state of Oregon. Less than 8,000 folks live in Boring. Over in Scotland, you can fund the town of Dull, which is made up of a single string of houses and a population of less than 90 people. These towns need a bit of excitement to stir things up, and Jaguar decided to bring the party to the people in the form of its F-Type R sports car.

A pair of ladies in Dull and a pair of gents in Boring got the chance to sample the raucous F-Type R coupe on their local roads. The shape of the car, the sound of the engine, and the performance of the entire package certainly livened up each of the neighborhoods. Jaguar filmed the whole thing and produced the cheeky little video you see above.

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Creating excitement is pretty easy to do when you have more than 500 horsepower on tap. Then again, Jaguar could have given then any of the V-6 versions and they still would have had a ball. Early reports suggest that the 296-horsepower turbocharged 4--cylinder version is fun to drive as well.

So pretty much any F-Type out there should be more than capable of bringing excitement to both Dull and Boring. Now Jaguar needs to put the cars on a plane and ship them down to Bland, Australia. There's more work to be done.


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