The Bentley Mulsanne isn't your typical automobile. It aims to redefine what luxury means. In fact, it's referred to as a "pinnacle car," rather a "luxury car." This is the pinnacle of Bentley's capability.

It's not uncommon for the production process of a Bentley Mulsanne to approach 400 hours of build time, but what goes on during it all? Thanks to video from Extreme Machines, we have a closer look at how Bentley's ultimate expression of motoring comes together at the Bentley factory in Crewe, England.

The spotless assembly line features a human and machine interface, and the Mulsanne is considered one of the most hand built cars in the world. Much of the car is graced by the human touch, but robots carry a lot of the heavy lifting for line workers.

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As the Bentley Mulsanne travels down the line, it makes pit stops that are the antithesis of "rushed." Workers take their time placing dashboard components, installing lug nuts, and lining up doors to ensure they sit ever so perfectly. You can almost feel the vibes of utmost craftsmanship through the video frames.

Near the end of the assembly, Bentley's iconic-winged logo is fastened to the hood, or in the proper British, bonnet before quality inspection has a go with the finished product. The Mulsannes are then lined up in a tidy fashion and prepared to ship.

The video is simply a taste of how delicate the production process is. The interior alone can takes more than six days to build, depending on what the customer has specified in their opulent ride. Grab a glimpse of the process in the video above.