Most of us will never be fortunate enough to experience the Rolls-Royce buying process, but at least the brand is kind enough to show us how it all goes down.

In this video, Rolls-Royce's Bespoke Sales Manager for North American and Europe, Nick Osy de Zegwaart, takes viewers inside the company's Commissioning Suite, known as the Sir Henry Royce Atelier, and showcases the power buyers wield over what intricate, exclusive details go into building their new opulent ride.

First, buyers are greeted by a wall of speedforms depicting a Rolls-Royce, each of which are each individually finished in one of the plethora of exterior colors available. However, as our host says, it's merely a sample of the options available—more than 44,000 shades are offered to buyers. The speedforms come in two pieces, so buyers can see what two-tone paint schemes will look like. Or, if none of those suits, Rolls-Royce will create a new color. The Suite even has a light that changes hue to depict the type of light found in your region of the world. To complete their exteriors, customers are also able to choose a custom motif within the coach line of the car for an added touch.

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As one might suspect, the same process is present for the interior of the car. A flood of thread and leather choices are available, but once again, even more are available should the customer not fancy any of the choices on display. Speaking of leather, Rolls-Royce works almost exclusively with exotic leathers—alligator and ostrich are just two examples.

From there, the conversation turns back to personalization. Embroidery, specific patterns, and depictions of anything the customer desires are all possible. Nothing is off the table.

The video is likely as close as many will get to the inside of this exclusive place, so take it all in. It looks like a magical place.