Babies can begin to learn their first words at just six months, and within two years words and sentences really begin to form as the child learns. One-year-old Nicholas, though? He's far ahead of the game, and he's clearly cut out to be a car guy.

Video of little Nicholas shows the youngster naming every single car dad puts on the screen, and it's not simply the well-known stuff either. Dad flashes photos of Bugattis, BMWs, Hyundais, and Chevys. Our favorite is Alfa Romeo; Nicholas seems to quite enjoy either the looks of the car or saying the brand's name. The phrase "Chevy truck" never sounded so innocent, either—it's far too much cuteness for one video.

Nicholas knows which cars are fast, too. Every time a Ferrari or Bugatti would show up on the screen, Nicholas would add "go fast" as an identifier. It's actually downright impressive that he knows each car almost instantly.

Like we said, it's not just easily-identifiable cars, but also Hondas and Hyundais, too. Some adults likely have issues distinguishing Civics from Elantras, but not one-year-old Nicholas. This kid is going places.

Grab your dose of cuteness for the day in the video above and prepare to wax poetic over Nicholas' skills, and when you're finished, let a 5-year-old teach you how to change your car's oil.