The upgrades continue for the Engineering Explained Honda S2000.

The YouTube channel's host, Jason Fenske, is using his yellow sports car for more than just whipping around his local backroads, as it's also serving as a bit of a teaching tool. As he upgrades the car, we're all going to learn something we might not have known or had the means to test. Today that involves performance brake rotors, and the potential cooling effects they might bring.

Fenske has swapped his standard brake rotors for a set of directional rotors. Using a data logger, he captured temperature recordings for his front left and right brake rotors. He took the temperature before starting the test and then after doing 60-0 runs.

The stock rotors started at 41 degrees Celsius and rose to 137 degrees. The upgraded rotors started a bit cooler at 34 degrees but wound up much hotter at 150 degrees. The test continued for the different rotors and the upgraded rotors were hotter throughout testing.

It's a bit surprising to find that the upgraded rotors are returning hotter temperatures during the test. Jason didn't change pads, lines, or anything else. This is simply a change of the front brake rotors. Jason does mention, however, that the upgraded rotors are lighter. That is an improvement in unsprung weight.

It would be interesting to see this test done on a race track. It's quite possible that the vented rotors wind up expelling more of the heat over the course of a track day than the stock rotors could ever hope to do. In fact, Fenske reports on a secondary test done by another outlet that points to just that fact.