If you've been reading Motor Authority for some time, you know how we feel about Volvo Trucks.

The marketing team over there always works hard to produce entertaining content, all in the name of commercial truck promotion. It can't be an easy task, yet they consistently provide fun and engaging pieces.

The most recent one involves a 3-year-old named Joel Jovene, along with a brand-new Volvo VNL truck. While we don't hear about unboxing videos as often as we used to, they're still a "thing" on the Internet. The one you'll see here is the largest one ever. In fact, it's an official Guinness World Record and yong Joel is the new record holder.

The Volvo VNL truck in question is delivered to the Truck Enthusiast, and it arrives in a rather large box. It's enough of a box to engulf the 70-foot machine entirely, which Joel frees when he opens up the front of the packaging. After that Joel gets to scramble around the truck and check it out. He moves on to the interior, which happens to look like one heck of a cozy space for any long haul driver out there.

Finally, Joel gets some help from a Volvo driver and the pair set off down the road. It's a cute spot, and proves that Volvo still has the knack for Internet video spots.