We have some grim news to report on this Monday. A Ferrari F40 ended up as nothing but a pile of ashes and some charred metal after the car caught fire.

The F40 was part of a cavalcade of Ferraris passing near Villanova d’Albenga, Italy when the fire broke out. The incident happened early last month.

The car is believed to be an uber-rare F40 prototype first shown at the 1987 Frankfurt auto show and later converted into an F40 GT race car by Italian engineering outfit Michelotto. The chassis number for this prototype-turned-racer is ZFFGJ34B000074047, and the last time the car was sold was during an auction in 2012.

GT Spirit suspects that the owner might be Jon Hunt. The British billionaire is alleged to have been on his way to Maranello, Italy to pick up a LaFerrari Aperta when the fire broke out. Some readers will recall that Hunt in 2014 took a trip to Maranello to pick up a LaFerrari driving in a cavalcade of rare Ferraris that included an F40 as well as a 288 GTO, F50 and Enzo.

Incredibly, it’s believed that Hunt might also have been the owner of a Lamborghini Miura SV that burned to the ground in London in 2013.

As for the F40, if it’s ever rebuilt the only thing original will be the VIN. The same is likely true for the F40 that burned to the ground last fall.

Head to Italian news site IVG for more photos showing the latest fiery demise of an F40.