Mercedes-AMG is expecting another year of growth in 2017 as new, money-printing AMG vehicles reach dealerships, according to a report in Automotive News (subscription required). Though the overall outlook is good, Adam Chamberlain, vice president of sales for Mercedes-Benz USA, stated the growth will taper off from last year’s 33-percent increase that yielded a total of 23,261 AMG sales in the U.S.

"We've been fortunate--we've got great product introductions, which will add momentum and velocity for us," he told Automotive News.

A “launch curve effect” will ultimately pump the brakes a tad for AMG, according to the executive. "We had the products in the market for the start of the year," he said. "So that will dumb down a little bit through the year. But I anticipate significant growth for AMG this year."

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As of now, Mercedes has 34 AMG models on sale in the U.S. That figure is slated to grow to 42 AMG models by the end of 2017, specifically with the help from midrange AMG 43 vehicles.

The AMG 43 range of vehicles don’t encompass everything the 45, 63, and 65 models carry with them, namely performance elements and often extremely high output engines, but they offer a more affordable way for consumers to step into an AMG vehicle. For example, an AMG C43 starts at $56,425, while an AMG C63 climbs to $67,925.

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Not only are the 43 models more attainable, but Chamberlain called all AMG models “fantastic” brand shapers for Mercedes-Benz, which help bolster dealership profitability, too. Since 2015, Mercedes-Benz has begun opening AMG performance centers and asked dealers to reserve showroom space specifically for AMG vehicles.

As for the rest of 2017, the brand's 50th year, AMG will reportedly launch new 63 models and add new variants to the AMG GT family, including the AMG GT C roadster.