There's something special about a classic machine. It gets even more special when you're staring down a vehicle that hasn't felt the tools and paint kits that come along with a restoration.

An original runner is a glorious sight to behold, and one recently stopped by "Jay Leno's Garage" to pay its respects. This one dates back to 1955, and it's in prime patina mode at this stage of its life.

Matt Jacobson is one in a string of owners of his 1955 Volkswagen Beetle. He's the type of car owner that prefers preservation over restoration. We enjoy both ideologies when it comes to classic metal, but there's certainly something a bit more satisfying about seeing a well-preserved car or truck.

That means you're not going to find any resto-modded engine choices here. Instead, you have a cleaned up original mill that is bursting forth with a whopping 36 horsepower. The owner has added a few period-correct pieces along the way, as have previous owners. It all lends itself well to the overall aesthetic of this Beetle.

From the roof rack, to the mud flaps, and on out to the German plate indicator out back, this is one stylish Bug that should continue to impress for many years to come. 


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