It appears that Honda might be serious about its wonderful Project 2&4 concept.

If you're not familiar, this was a roadster originally shown to the public at the 2015 Frankfurt auto show. Honda designers developed a concept vehicle that attempted to bridge the gap between the world of high-performance sports cars and motorcycles. Hence the 2&4 name.

Now, it seems that Honda might be ready to bring a version of this concept to life.

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Patent drawing filed by Honda

Patent drawing filed by Honda

New patent drawings filed by Honda show that the automaker is at least looking to protect a vehicle bearing a strong resemblance to the 2&4 concept. Here, however, the automaker is eyeballing an electric powertrain instead of the racing bike engine that originally featured on the concept. The goal here could be to develop an Ariel Atom competitor that utilizes the wonderful thing that is instant torque. Also, it would be interesting to see how Ariel takes the news... seeing as they get their own engines from Honda.

Another key difference is that the car in the patent drawings has two seats while the concept had one. However, the passenger seat can be removed, according to attached to the patent drawings. There are also additional protective elements on the patent drawing.

The original concept vehicle was powered by a the mightily impressive engine used by the Honda MotoGP racing bikes. It's a 1.0-liter V-4 that produces 230 horsepower. It also revs to 15,000 rpm. For the 2&4 concept, that engine was detuned a bit to make it potentially street legal, but it was still pushing over 210 horsepower. Not too shabby in a vehicle that tips the scales at just 900 pounds.