The Ford GT has 647 horsepower and can reach a top speed of 216 mph. Beneath its skin sits a 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V-6 engine that produces 550 pound-feet of torque from as low as 3,500 rpm. It will cost you somewhere north of $450,000 to buy one, if you were lucky enough to be chosen by Ford as one of the few with the chance to do so.

Also, as Ford engineers prove in this video, it passes the water and splash test.

Ford puts all of its vehicles through this test to make sure they can handle puddles that might be bigger than what you get with your average pothole. This is an extreme version of what cars would experience out on the street, and it's done to make sure drivers don't have issues should they encounter such adventurous conditions.

There's a percentage chance approaching zero that a Ford GT owner would ever attempt something like this. Hell, we'll be impressed if a GT owner takes his or her car out during a mild sprinkle. Still, Ford has to know that its cars can pass this test, and the GT doesn't get an exemption.

So, as you can see in this video, some Ford employee had the job of pointing the nose of the very expensive and very low GT toward the splash test zone and driving right on through.

As the video rolls on you can see that the water flows out of the rear through areas that were designed for optimal airflow on a racetrack.

In the end, the car makes it through, even in the chilly water on what is obviously a winter day.

That just means its as much a street car as anything else Ford makes. But it's oh so much more.