Toll charges can rack up over time, especially if you live in certain areas of the country with heavily taxed thoroughfares. You can spend a hefty amount of cash in a given month simply for the privilege of driving to and from work. Now, to be fair, those tolls maintain our roads and we know our infrastructure certainly needs as much help as it can get. Still, some folks are sick and tired of paying tolls, and one man in Florida found a James Bond-esque way around the situation.

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A man named Joshua West thought he could get out of paying tolls by installing a device on the rear of his car. It's a piece of black material that slides down to obscure his license plate. This way, when West runs through the toll without paying, he could activate the device by remote control to hide his plate from the cameras keeping a look out for toll runners.

The problem for West, besides committing this felony, was the fact that he used the device right in front of a cop. A state trooper managed to spot West using this toll tool and apprehended the man and his Honda Civic. At least when Bond hides his plates he's doing it in an Aston Martin. Here, you just have a guy in a Civic trying to stick it to The Man. You shouldn't do that when The Man is right behind you.


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