Oh, to be the Earl of Pembroke. For one, you get to tell people to call you Lord. Second, you also happen to be the founder of a the Wilton Classic & Supercar, which is basically an individual Lord's version of Goodwood.

Lord Pembroke owns many wonderful automobiles, including a Bugatti Veyron. Recently, however, he's been hanging out with the Croatian principals from Rimac, who have been letting him play with their Concept_One electric supercar. Previously, we saw them compare the Concept_One and the Veyron on the Croatian coast. During that excursion, Rimac founder Mate Rimac shared his creation with Pembroke, and the Earl tossed the keys to his Veyron over to Mate. The resulting drive saw a combined power output of 2,088 horsepower. That included 1,200 gas-fueled horsepower from the Veyron and 1,088 fizzy electron-produced horses from the Concept_One.

Now the Earl is getting a different take on the Rimac machine because he's brought the Croatian-born hypercar to a small racing circuit.

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The Rimac engineers have fitted the Concept_One with an advanced traction control system. It's fully kitted out with the level of torque vectoring you'd hope to find in a modern sports car or supercar. Additionally, the car has what test driver Miroslav Zrnčević describes as a "Drift Mode."

We have to assume that this Drift Mode is a bit more exciting than the one found under the skin of the Ford Focus RS. After all, we're dealing with an electric motor producing almost three times as much horsepower. It delivers all of its torque instantly, too. That, coupled with the special traction and torque vectoring settings, should respond a bit more efficiently than your average drifter's clutch kick.

With all of this love between Rimac and Lord Pembroke, you can expect the Concept_One to show up at the Wilton Classic & Supercar show this June.