The heavyweight bout between a tram and a Bentley Continental GT took place in Zurich, Switzerland. The winner, by derailment, was the Bentley. It used all of the torque at its disposal to ram into the slow-moving tram and knock it right off its own rails. This is a clear victory for the Bentley, and it sends a message to slow-moving trams all over the world. You may have size and weight on your side, but you're no match for Crewe's finest.

According to, the accident between the two modes of transportation occurred in the middle of the day. We don't know how the driver of the car could miss the massive tram, but apparently he or she did and managed to hit it with enough force to knock it off its rails.

No one in the tram was hurt. The driver of the Bentley sustained minor injuries, and we have to assume an existing condition was involved related to poor vision, poor motor skills, or just a general lack of driving ability. Maybe it's time to upgrade to a Mulsanne and leave the actual act of driving to someone else.

We even know of one that's for sale right now, and it's in great shape with no reserve.


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