Every automaker wants the limelight during Monterey's car week. From Ferrari and Lamborghini to Bugatti, there's no shortage of reveals, news, and ridiculously rare hypercars.

Of course, Ford's not one to typically tangle with such marques, but then again, history's shown us that Ford likes besting Ferrari. This year the Detroit automaker brought its new GT supercar to the automotive gathering, and of course, it caused a scene.

It wasn't just one GT that Ford brought. No, it brought a fleet. From a bevy of GT40s, including the history-making Le Mans winner, to the 2000s model and the new version, its presence was known.

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One of the many models displayed on the perfectly groomed grass was a new '66 heritage edition. We aren't sure who's in the driver seat in this video, but we thank them for starting and revving the new GT for us.

Ford wasn't just showing the car at Pebble Beach. No, it took the opportunity to actually release news regarding the car's availability by confirming two more years of production. This should theoretically equate to another 500 cars as Ford's currently planning to build 250 GTs per model year.

The new GT isn't like other Fords. Not all Blue Oval dealerships will be able to service the car.

In fact, we said Ford's making some big mistakes with the new GT.

If you forgot, the new GT isn't motivated by V-8 power. No sir, it has a twin-turbo V-6 mounted mid-ship. And while Ford still won't tell us how much power it's making, there are specs for the new car in Forza Motorsports 6. In the video game, it has 630 horsepower and 539 pound-feet of torque. How much will it have in real life? Probably around those numbers, give or take.

Regardless of whether it's six cylinders or eight inside the new GT, we can all agree it sounds pretty mean based on the video above.