Did you know each of the pistons in Agera RS weigh about 10 ounces? How about that its catalytic converter improves performance by about 300 horsepower?

Impressive 0-60 mph times are fun on paper, but the stories behind how they get there are page-turners for enthusiasts and Koenigsegg just dropped a doozy.

As part of the automaker's ongoing series on its Agera RS production, we meet Mats, who produces Koenigsegg's legendary engines.

The longtime technician has worked on racing engines in motorcycles before building every Koenigsegg motor over the past four years. Like the story says: "He knows things about power."

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Their patented catalytic converter system uses two cats—a smaller pre-cat and main cat—to get the big twin-turbocharged V-8 up to temp and keep it breathing freer to push 1,160 horsepower. According to Koenigsegg, when the main cat comes up to temperature, it boosts the turbo's efficiency to add roughly 300 horsepower to its performance. 

Want more? How about the automaker's air and oil separator that takes air and oil coming off the crank during an exhaust cycle and recycles each back into use in hundredths of a second. That took thousands of hours to develop.

All of these go in to the remarkable Koenigsegg engines, which have the highest cylinder compression of any other engine on the planet, they say.

Forget Sweden; I'm convinced these cars are coming from Mars now.