During a rainy practice session ahead of this weekend's 24 Hours of Le Mans, an Audi R8 safety car dramatically sped around the track but was caught on camera in the midst of an epic, apparently unintentional, drift.

The R8 was said to be piloted by Yannick Dalmas, a four-time Le Mans champion, but reports have so far not confirmed just who was behind the wheel. From the video, the R8's drift doesn't look to have been on purpose, especially with how aggressively the driver saved the supercar from sliding off the wet race track.

Rain is often a theme at Le Mans, but this week has seen nearly torrential downpours. The safety car was out patrolling the track during a red flag.

Porsche driver Mark Webber even appears to have appreciated the R8's epic drift in the rain. All R8s have Audi's quattro all-wheel-drive system, but slippery conditions, high speed, poor light, and tires probably not best suited for standing water no doubt caused the driver to slightly lose control.

Dalmas, if he was indeed behind the R8's wheel, has an impressive resume. His most recent class win was in 1999, when he piloted a BMW V12 LMR to victory in the LMP class.