Commuting was temporarily made significantly better in northern Minnesota when warm days buckled pavement in the road and left a Scandinavian "yump" in the left lane.

One westbound lane of Highway 36 between St. Paul and Little Canada on Tuesday surprised drivers as their cars were launched into the air from the overheated pavement.

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A traffic camera recorded the drivers hitting the bump at speed, presumably interrupting whatever text message they were in the process of sending. By the video, many cars appeared to handle the launch very well, and no "major injuries" were reported, according to The Weather Network (viewer discretion advised: Video may contain terrible music).

Heat is having its way with roads in the Midwest. Road crews in Illinois are scrambling to fix broken roads there, and parts of Interstate 90 in South Dakota look skiable next year if they aren't repaired soon.

Minnesota road officials say the extreme heat could cause other roadways to expand this summer, which, if two slabs of pavement have nowhere to go but into each other, could result in more hilarious videos. No word yet of if Red Bull Global Rallycross is planning its next event in I-14 Mankato, but it's a distinct possibility at this rate.