An update sent to certain Lexus vehicles with the automaker's Enform infotainment and navigation system has caused the system to crash—or brick.

According to users on Reddit, the glitch was part of a standard operating system software update that was delivered over the air. Lexus owners affected by the glitch took to social media with videos of their Enform systems crashing or going into a loop.

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Lexus has acknowledged the issue, releasing this short statement yesterday:

"Due to a recent update, many of our owners' vehicle head units stopped working," Lexus said in a statement. "We are fully engaged and investigating this issue as a top priority. We are working around the clock to find a solution for this issue and we will alert you as soon as we have more information."

The glitch appears to affect most of Lexus' recent models. A handful of owners on Twitter have said disconnecting their cars' batteries for 30 minutes will fix the issue, but that doesn't appear to be the case for all of them. Some users have complained that they can't adjust their cars' climate control systems, either. 

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There is some speculation online that the issue could be due to a United States military test that involves jamming GPS signals along the West Coast this week, which the FAA has warned about.

Over the air software updates for cars are still a relatively recent development. Even Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA], which tries to act more like a software developer than an automaker, has had some issues delivering updates to its vehicles.


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