A father and son were out cruising in a classic Chevrolet Camaro—which is the type of sentence you read and expect good things to follow. That's not what happened here, as the old pony car quickly caught on fire and the fast-moving flames were captured on video.

I'm going to tell you now, according to the person who posted the video, the father and son are fine, albeit with some minor burns.

It's not quite clear yet if this was a test-drive of the old Camaro with an intent to purchase, or if it was simply a dad and his boy taking their old car around the block. Per the title of the video, this Camaro is modified and produces 700 horsepower.

Perhaps not every bit of the car was prepared to handle such power.

We don't know what caused the fire, and the internet detectives are battling it out in various comment threads, but we do know that we're happy to hear that father and son escaped relatively harm-free. The flames come on quickly, and we all know that such a blaze can move devastatingly quick.

It's sad to see a classic car consumed by fire, but it's infinitely worse to see harm come to human life.

The car can be rebuilt, or another one can be found to replace it. Those squishy meatbags in the cabin, however, cannot.


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