A woman in China has been detained for taking her Range Rover Evoque and smashing it into a Jaguar XF in an effort to leave a parking space where she had been blocked in. 

While the video is entertaining, to say the least, the level of rage it takes to crash one valuable British luxury car into another should not be understated. The 26-year-old woman was mad, although she did eventually succeed in clearing enough room to scoot her Evoque out of the parking spot.

The People's Daily says the incident occurred in Xiamen, a city in Southeastern China, and that the unnamed woman's Evoque had been intentionally blocked in by the driver of the black XF.

Without knowing all of the details, it's difficult to side with either party, but The People's Daily reports that there was a financial dispute related to fraud between the owners of the two vehicles. Now, it appears there may be a financial dispute regarding how to repair the two luxury cars.

The crowd, which grew bigger with each hit, can be heard chanting "smash harder" as they egg her on and watch in awe.


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