Warning: This video contains some NSFW language.

Let's get this one out of the way: This dashcam footage from the United Kingdom is potentially fake. That doesn't mean it isn't hilarious.

The background is supposedly that a thief broke into and stole a BMW i3—no doubt a difficult task given the urban runabout's complexity. The catch? The owner has a dashcam installed in the vehicle that turns on and begins recording both video and audio as soon as the car is started.

The video starts off with the thief talking to someone, presumably over a cell phone, about how impressed he is with the car, which will "leave anything for dust" according to the perpetrator. He later states that he will park the car at his own flat and suggests to the person on the other side of the phone that he or she should come take a look at it. The thief indicates that he is living the good life, with his own "curved telly," among other things.

There's a lot of Ali G to the video, which is what leads us to believe it could be a fake. Still, as of this moment, nearly 150,000 people have watched the video on YouTube and it has only been live for a few days.

The Daily Mail says it was in contact with the Metropolitan Police in London, where the car was supposedly stolen, to see if it was recovered, but they were unable to confirm if the theft was reported to them.


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