Jaguar is about to set off on a global tour to introduce current and potential customers to its products in over 600 cities, but the biggest draw for motorsport enthusiasts will be the chance to best Formula One racing driver Romain Grosjean on an agility course that utilizes innovative smart cones—behind the wheel of an XF.

Instead of traditional orange cones—the kind revered by transportation departments and reviled by SCCA racers—the smart cones utilize a wireless connection that randomly illuminates pairs of them to change the course for each driver with little notice.

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The course presents a unique kind of challenge that Jaguar says is more relatable to daily driving.

Here's where Grosjean, who currently drivers for American F1 team Haas, comes in: He was the first to test the course while driving the same kind of XF that invitees will be able to pilot. His high score will be made readily available for attendees to try to to beat.

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The campaign, called the Art of Performance tour, kicks off in Europe with 200 destinations. Jaguar says it will tally 600 stops by the time it concludes later this year in Australia. The experience will offer attendees the chance to drive both the F-Type convertible and coupe, as well as the XF, XJ, XE and the F-Pace. We're still waiting to learn if there will be any stops in the United States.


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