Have you ever wanted to have your lobster and champagne while sitting feet from your favorite bit of precious metal? You might be able to pull off that feat at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, but that only happens once a year. Now, you can get your culinary and classic machine fix every weekend if you head over to the new Miami SuperCar Rooms.

The brainchild of London Motor Museum founder Elo, this new dining space in Miami brings together extremely gorgeous automotive icons with high-end food, a potentially open bar, and the right music for a Miami dining experience. That music? It's provided by the in-house DJ who's spinning sounds from the back of a custom vintage Chevy pickup.

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The plan for Miami SuperCar Rooms is to feature a different local chef each month. Diners will reserve a spot in one of six dining sections, with each section (or pod, as it's called) going for $3,000.

There's also a membership option that provides different levels of access to the facility. A White Membership gives clients priority dining reservations and a few other unmentioned perks. Jump to Silver Membership and you have full access to the automotive art gallery. Finally, prepare to ball out on the Black Membership and saddle up to the bar with your friends to take in all the cars while you sip on your favorite cocktails.

The collection of cars assembled at Miami SuperCar rooms appears to be quite eclectic while providing something that everyone should like. And they aren't all supercars. The vintage Maserati and Ferrari racers appeal to the highest of high end, while your author would probably prefer to dine near the Pantera or '67 Mustang GT500. There are a few hot rods and two-wheeled classics parked around the place as well.

So if you like good food and even greater machines, Miami SuperCar Rooms has just been added to your "must see" list. 


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