Due to a vacation in beautiful Seattle, last week, this post was written on Tuesday.

So we didn't address the untimely death of Prince, who passed at his estate that Thursday. While his public posturing threatened to overshadow his talent, he was irrefutably one of the most gifted musicians, composers, and performers of his generation. This spectacular 1983 concert captures the moment when he transcended stardom to become a force of nature.

What an awful year 2016 has been for music. Here's what happened this week:

  • The 928 section is RennList's most popular. And while the front-engine bruiser's finicky reputation and ugly duckling looks have historically kept prices low, that time might be over. This one sold for $52k.
  • On HDForums, there's always an appetite for great grill or campfire cooking recipes. Want to rule at your next cookout? Unleash your inner Bourdain and make these insanely tasty Meatball Onion Bombs.
  • The Jaguar F-Type is a stunning car. But since this world is full of men who just want to watch the world burn, at least one demented soul has installed Lambo doors. JaguarForums members are not amused.
  • The latest Z06 has been much maligned for not being the track beast its predecessors were. But when a CorvetteForum member flogged his at Sebring? Well, it went into limp mode and the coolant boiled...
  • Lamborghini's Huracán is the kind of car many would be hesitant to take over a speed bump. But during the Targa Tasmania Tony Quinn took his over the edge of a bank with no issues. TeamSpeed was impressed.

Hit the links to get the full story. And tune in next week for more news from the forums!


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