Volkswagen's Passat sold overseas has an innovative Trailer Assist feature that makes it easy to back up when you're lugging around a trailer thanks to some semi-autonomous systems working in the background. You basically use a controller dial to tell the vehicle where to back up the trailer, and as you reverse the Trailer Assist feature will automatically make all the adjustments necessary to the steering wheel to get your trailer exactly where you want it.

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To help promote the feature, VW of Norway has come up with a fun ad that shows a Passat driver reversing with a trailer at speeds you wouldn’t imagine possible. No, the Trailer Assist feature isn’t that good. Instead, as you’ll discover in the behind-the-scenes video below, there’s a little bit of chicanery at play. Essentially, the trailer has its own power and steering system as well as a driver sitting inside. Also below you’ll find a video that shows how VW’s Trailer Assist feature operates.

VW hasn't announced the feature on its models sold in the United States but we expect it to be launched here soon.


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