There are only seven Koenigsegg One:1 supercars in the world and now one of them can be yours… if you happen to have a spare $6 million sitting in your bank account.

This is the car that’s rewriting the rules on how quick a street-legal car can get, with Koenigsegg having set some impressive times during official testing. For example, the One:1 can accelerate to 186 mph in just 11.9 seconds, and then it needs just 6 seconds to come back down to rest. This is due to its monstrous 1,341-horsepower output and relatively light 2,998-pound curb weight.

You must be wondering who would be crazy enough to sell their One:1. Well, the particular car up for sale isn’t one of the six customer cars but rather Koenigsegg’s own development car. It’s available for sale through SuperVettura, the Swedish supercar marque’s official distributor in the United Kingdom.

It will be available for delivery next month and will be fully serviced by the Koenigsegg factory back in Ängelholm, Sweden. According to the seller, buyers in the United States will likely be able to apply for the ‘Show or Display’ clause to import the car, though we’d strongly suggest confirming this before signing on the dotted line. Another One:1 has already been brought in under the special clause.

We have to wonder, though. If Koenigsegg is selling its last One:1, does it mean we won’t see it set a Nürburgring lap record once the track’s speed limits are lifted next year? If so, we guess Koenigsegg could always use its next fastest model, the slightly tamer Agera RS.


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