Witness the power of the world’s first ‘megawatt’ car, the Koenigsegg One:1. The 1,341-horsepower supercar recently smashed the world record for the 0-300-0 kmh (0-186-0 mph) acceleration and brake test, requiring just 17.95 seconds to achieve the feat. That’s exactly 3.24 seconds quicker than the previous record, which incidentally was also set by a Koenigsegg, in this case the Agera R.

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The record-beating run was conducted during a practice session at Koenigsegg’s official test track, located at an old air force base in Ängelholm, Sweden. The session took place on June 8, with official Koenigsegg test driver Robert Serwanski behind the wheel.

This latest video does away with the techno sounds of the previous clip, leaving us with the raw engine note of the One:1 as well as the screaming of its tires. In it, you can see how stable the One:1 remains when pushed to the limit. With his hands off the steering wheel, Serwanski accelerates to 300 kmh and then slams on the brakes, only momentarily touching the wheel to keep things on track.

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All data was collected using the industry standard VBox data recorder. Below is a list of all the metrics measured on the day:

0-300 kmh: 11.922 seconds
300-0 kmh: 6.032 seconds
0-300-0 kmh: 17.95 seconds

0-200 mph: 14.328 seconds
200-0 mph: 6.384 seconds
0-200-0 mph: 20.71 seconds

And yes, the numbers are truly mindboggling. No other car comes close to matching the One:1’s performance, not even the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.


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