Back in early September, the Koenigsegg Agera R absolutely lit up the world record world, setting six benchmarks in a single day.

The Agera didn't beat the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport's top speed record, but it torched the Veyron in measures like 0-200 mph and 0-200-0 mph.

At the time, Koenigsegg said that it did everything by the book, measuring the speeds via a third party equipped with the officially sanctioned Racelogic VBox performance recorder. It sounded like the difference between unofficial and official world records was just a matter of paperwork, and so far that's true.

The world record authority known as Guinness has officially recognized Koenigsegg's 0-300-0 km/h (0-186-0 mph) time of 21.9 seconds.

The Agera R joins the likes of the once-world-fastest CCR as an official Koenigsegg world record beater.

Other world records recorded on September 2 include:

0-300 km/h = 14.53 sec
0-200 mph = 17.68 sec
300-0 km/h = 6.66 sec
200-0 mph = 7.28 sec
0-200-0 mph = 24.96 sec

Koenigsegg hasn't released any information about those others being certified by Guinness, but we're guessing it's only a matter of time.

Even more exciting for supercar and world record addicts, Koenigsegg released video of its red-hot Agera R's world record action.


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