Only yesterday we learned that there’s a mission on to save local production of Australia’s Holden Commodore. However, it’s just one big, rear-wheel-drive offering from Down Under as Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] offers a similar model called the Falcon.

Unfortunately, Ford is also winding up production in Australia, with the lights at the Falcon’s Broadmeadows plant in the state of Victoria set to be switched off sometime in 2016. And unlike the Commodore, whose future variants will be based on another General Motors Company [NYSE:GM] product, there will be no Falcon successor.

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The good news is that Ford plans to send out the Falcon, which was last updated for 2015, with a bang. The car has two performance offerings that come with an “XR” badge, and for their final year in production they will be adopting an additional “Sprint” badge. They will be known as the Falcon XR Sprint editions.

Teaser for 2016 Ford Falcon XR Sprint

Teaser for 2016 Ford Falcon XR Sprint

Full details are yet to be released but Ford says XR Sprint buyers can expect more power, improved brakes, special wheels, body stripes, unique trim elements in the cabin and a unique numbered engine build plaque. Buyers will have two engine choices: a turbocharged version of the locally-developed 4.0-liter straight-six in Falcon XR6 Sprint guise and a supercharged version of the 5.0-liter ‘Coyote’ V-8 found in the Mustang in a Falcon XR8 Sprint.

The engines in the standard Falcon XR6 and Falcon XR8 produce 362 and 450 horsepower, respectively. It's not clear how much extra power will be offered but what we do know is that the Falcon XR6 Sprint will only come with a six-speed auto while the Falcon XR8 Sprint will be offered with either a six-speed auto or six-speed manual.

Ford fans will recognize the Sprint name from the original Falcon sold in North America during the 1960s. It was first used on the Australian Falcon in 1993 on a special version of the Falcon XR8 sold at the time. More than 300 were built and today they are among some of the more collectible Falcons. It’s likely the same will be true for the modern Falcon XR Sprint models one day.


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