Paul Bailey is the man who recently made news when he purchased the "holy trinity" of current hybrid supercars. His first acquisition was a Porsche 918 Spyder, which he followed up with a McLaren P1 and Ferrari LaFerrari over the course of one day. It's that first car that is making the news in an tragic manner. Bailey was attending a track event in Malta when he lost control of his Porsche and wound up sliding into the crowd.

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A total26 people were injured when the 918 left the track. Five of those people were critically injured, including a young girl. It seems that Bailey dipped a wheel onto some grass, which caused the car to spin. It's quite clear from the footage seen around the web that the event cared much more about spectating than it did about spectator or driver safety.

When the Porsche lost control, the back end came around and the car went through a barrier that was designed for looks not for safety. After that, there was nothing to stop the car from sliding into the crowd of people. There are reports that Paul Bailey was also taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

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We have to say, based on what we've seen and read, that we can't fault Bailey for this incident. Any driver can lose control of a vehicle when it's being pushed, but the average event will have safety measures in place to make sure the crowd and the car can't connect.

This event had none of that.


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