With Lexus, the F badge on a car stands for a lot of things. Most notably, to us at least, it stands for "Fun" because that is what you're in for when you fire up a Lexus F car. The automaker has taken a look at the history of its F family in a new video, and it takes it all back to the start of things before jumping up to the latest in the F lineup; the GS F.

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Back in 2004, Lexus put together a prototype of the F program with an IS mule. We're a bit eager to learn more about this car as it appears to be a wolf in entry-level-luxury sheep's clothing. After some testing, the IS F arrived on the scene in 2007 and it showed that Lexus was capable of making a truly entertaining vehicle.

Not long after, Lexus went a bit bonkers in 2009 and created the LFA. This was a sonic assault on the senses clad in carbon fiber that slid forth from the automaker's own loom. To this day, the LFA has one of the best engine and exhaust notes we've ever heard. 

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Finally, the video jumps forward into the future by taking a quick look at some of Lexus' motorsports efforts before winding up at the RC F. That would be the latest and the greatest... but the newer GS F caps off the walk down F memory lane.


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