Next summer, the world's longest tunnel will open in the Swiss Alps. Unfortunately, you won't be able to drive through it.

Also? It's likely the least scenic way ever devised to transverse the legendary mountain range. 

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The Gotthard Base Tunnel has been under construction since 1999, and it will be used to ferry cargo and passengers through the mountains at an impressive 150 mph. Upon completion, it will shave an hour off the travel time between Zurich and Milan.

The project takes the title of longest railway tunnel from Japan's Seikan Tunnel, which runs for 33.46 miles, of which a significant portion is under the seabed.  

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Construction has been a truly Herculean effort, as 31 million tons were of rock and earth were removed during the build. Of course, as far massive construction projects go, Motor Authority would rather see completion of the Superhighway linking New York and London. But at press time, our staff had not been asked for input on either undertaking.

Initial tests will begin October 1st, and the Gotthard Base Tunnel is scheduled to open June 16th, 2016.


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