Wrecked sports cars are never a pretty sight. But at least when a beast like a Corvette Z06 winds up stuffed in the wall at a track day, you can argue it was being used as intended. After all, these are the kind of machines that are supposed to chase records

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Unfortunately, that's not what happened here.

Late last week, a man driving a Hyundai Sonata in Sylvania, Ohio had a seizure which caused him to lose control of his vehicle. Attempts by his wife—who was riding in the passenger seat—to steer the car out of harm's way were unsuccessful, and the couple wound up slamming into a pair of 2015 Z06s parked on the lot at Dave White Chevrolet. Neither of the passengers in the Sonata were seriously injured.

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The same can't be said about the Corvettes. From what we can tell, the Laguna Blue model is a complete write-off, but the white one looks like some time in the body shop should return it to service. That makes the $200,000 damage estimate reported in the video from ABC News seem, in our opinion, a bit high. 

Watch the video for complete coverage of the wreck. 


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