There's no shortage of entertainment options in Las Vegas, from world-class dining and shows, to good old-fashioned drinking and gambling. And yes, there's also Las Vegas Motor Speedway. But the recently approved Speedvegas facility is certain to be a destination enthusiasts will want to check out.

The 100-acre facility will be just off the famous Strip, and give customers the chance to drive exotics offerings from Ferrari and Lamborghini—along with high-performance options from Audi, Ford and Chevrolet—on an F1-inspired circuit complete with sweeping corners and elevation changes.

We suspect that the promise of an amenity-laden circuit a short cab ride from downtown should prove attractive.

Approval to break ground came through just over ten days ago, so the facility's January 2016 opening goal seems ambitious. But given the frenzied construction Las Vegas is known for, we'd be surprised if the opening doesn't happen on schedule. More info when we have it. 


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